Nima Shiraz

san francisco


Born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran, Nima Shiraz is a self-taught fashion talent, whose interest in dressmaking began at a young age. Growing up in post-revolution Iran, pursuing a career in fashion was never a conceivable option for him due to social and economic implications of living there at that time. Nevertheless, while growing up, he relentlessly pursued any opportunity to express his creative side, such as painting, making sculptures and authoring short stories.

In 2003, Nima migrated to San Francisco, CA where he eventually launched his career in fashion several years later. Initially upon arrival, he began a career in business and finance while studying architecture in school. Soon, Nima’s love of architecture began to inspire the structure of bold and inspiring fashion designs. Since creating his first garment in 2010, Nima’s creations have been featured in nationally published editorials and graced the red carpet of numerous events. He now is a San Francisco based designer of RTW and custom couture clothing for men and women and creates distinctive evening, performance, red carpet, and bridal garments every season.

Nima Shiraz creations are meticulously designed to accentuate each client and make a statement. Alluring lines, romantic details, quality materials and flawless construction define the Nima Shiraz aesthetic. He believes that every client, no matter what size or shape, should have the opportunity to wear a garment tailored perfectly to their body and style.

The custom couture process typically takes three to six months to complete, beginning with a complimentary consultation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, and discover what Nima Shiraz can create for you.


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